Our Practice is piloting online registration and this is open to all residents within Tower Hamlets. If you live within our practice area (parts of E3) you are welcome to register with us.

You will be asked to enter your post code and a list of practices will appear. Only a few practices are currently accepting patients this way but soon all 36 practices in Tower Hamlets will be available.

If “Ruston Street Clinic” is not on the list then you are not in our catchment area and will need to choose another practice.

You will be asked your personal details, past medical history and other information to help us trace your existing records. Please provide as much information as possible; missing information may lead to your registration being rejected.

The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes and once complete, you will be contacted by the practice to confirm registration in 2 working days.

Please note, you DO NOT have to show any ID or proof of address to register.

To register, click on the link: www.towerhamletsgpreg.nhs.uk

Am I registering with the right practice?

Please note that you must live within the practice boundary to be able to register with us. If you’re unsure, please view our Location Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t use the website or don’t have access to the internet?

Please come in to reception and either you can use our tablet to provide us with the information or we can provide paper copies.

How long until I can be seen after completing the registration?

We will complete your registration within 48 working hours and contact you to confirm. Once you have received the confirmation you can access our services – contact the practice for details.

Is it secure?

Yes, we have worked hard to ensure that the new website meets all data protection requirements and that information is not shared with any third parties.

Do I need to provide photo ID or Proof of Address?
We will ask you for it and you will be able to attach it to your form but it is not compulsory. We do this so that we can double check the information you give us.

What if Ruston Street Clinic isn’t coming up as an option?

This means you are outside of our catchment area and so we will not register you. You will need to contact another practice directly to register with them.

Can I get online access to book appointments etc at the same time?

No, before we can give you online access we need to check your identity for your protection. Simply bring in proof of ID to reception and they will provide you with the log in details.

What happens to the information I provide in this form?

To find out about how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Policy.